Bryce Lanes Bodyweight Power

(quoting Bryce..) 

By now you've probably bought a course or two and a few books, you are probably asking yourself "what can one more course do for me"?

My answer is just the truth; It won't do anything for you, not one thing. You can look at it, put it on the best shelf in the house, keep it on the coffee table next to the new candleholder and it won't do a thing for you unless you hold up your end of the deal. Your end of the deal is getting-to-work on what's in the course and getting-to-work on it consistently. This course is short if you count pages, but its packed with plenty that I know you haven't seen before anywhere else. Plenty enough to keep you gaining for a lifetime. No zen-like oceans of tasteful white space, no charming clip-art from bygone eras, no half-page pull quotes. It just gives it to you straight-up and to the point in concise words and pictures. More than enough exercises and info to make sure you can have as much strength, power, gripping force and energy as you are up to working for. No weights, no exotic or expensive equipment, just this booklet and what you make of yourself from what's in it. I don't promise this course will do one thing for you, yet it sure will tell you how to do all kinds of good things for yourself.