Bryce Lanes Throw your weight around

This booklet isn't about power cleans, box squats or "gym jumps" from rubber topped platforms. It's about getting yourself, people and things to move the way you want them to move and fast.

Ways of getting power that means something and is absolutely understandable from the moment you read and see the illustrations. Usually power is defined very abstractly--not in here. Usually power means how much you can pull or push up from the floor--not in here. The last time I looked most sports and martial arts aren't played in the up direction but down on earth where "at, out, through, by and over" are the ways to victory. This booklet is about that kind of power, the kind that counts down where the games are played and matches won or lost.

There isn't an ounce of delicacy in this book, there aren't any lifts that take years to learn or a coach to teach. There isn't anything you won't understand or can't do today. There are things to make, but they are extremely simple and and be put together in moments by anyone who can use simple tools.

This booklet can go very nicely with the others or stand on its own just as well. As usual, I assume you can handle information and just give you that information without wasting your time stretching the material out by every means possible. I don't want this to be a pleasant evening read in the den. I don't want this booklet to be material for erudite discussions. I want you to work and gain the benefits that come from doing the work starting the day it comes in the mail.