KETTLESTACK ships cheap&quick anywhere in the world
(with some exceptions )

SHIPPING COSTS for Kettlebells are usually VERY HIGH; Don't forget to
factor this cost into the price comparison. If you travel, don't
forget airline surcharges on heavy items as well!

To estimate the cost (in $US) of any combination of
item(s),destination and shipping method just step through checkout and
the various shipping options and the costs will show up in a pull down
menu prior to prompting for your payment method.Or for most countries,
Roughly 6.50$US per handle US Domestic and 22$US Overseas. (yes, shipping outside the US has gone up a lot ).

Please contact us for final cost if you are unsure.


* For INTERNATIONAL ORDERS, please provide your exact mailing address
in the comment box

* DUTIES: We MUST provide accurate information, and can provide examples.

* IMPORTANT: Shipping quotes do not include customs clearance, duties,
taxes or other nonroutine customs brokerage charges, which are the
responsibility of the customer. Plan accordingly!!