Since the Kettlestack adjustable kettlebell design uses standard weight plates the final shape is up to you.

If you care about the shape of your kettlebell,  slow down and go through the whole page.

Here is a side and oblique view of a setup when the plates are concentric (NO tweaking)

Kettlestack without shape tweaking (side view)Kettlestack without shape tweaking

The transition between the 5 & 10 lb plates might be abrupt enough to present an edge.The bottom line is to FILL IN THE GAP so the forearm sees a smooth transition.

The next picture  shows the tweaking shifts as yellow and red arrows;

the 5 lb (yellow plate) is moved up and the outermost 10lb (red) plates

are moved down to effect a smoother transition. Kettlestack with shape tweaking a

These tweaking steps are actually easier to do than to describe; In fact, they're automatic if you use a 6" bowl you can get at the hardware store for $3 .... Image and follow the steps in this video http:/