Back in 2007 we updated product line. Because of the internet's long tail you might be reading this page. Our product still has BASE,MID and HIGH options but things have changed !!

  • The grips have been modified to the New Handle Design
  • we have a new strap that is same for all models. It's an RC52 tempered band that's a good bit stronger than the old blue steel. These bands would be much happier as leaf springs in truck suspensions but we have consigned them to live inside of your Kettlestack !
  • So options are all about hardware; grade 8 Bolts and and grade 8.8 hexaxles and the weight capacity that results:
  • BASE: one 3" bolt , one 4" bolt 4.25" hexaxle holds up to 70 lbs
  • MID : two 3" bolts , two 4" bolts 4.25" hexaxle holds up to 85 lbs
  • HIGH : two 3" bolts , two 4" bolts 5.25" hexaxle holds up to 95 lbs

The combination of our new improved grip, the extra thick hard tempered strap, and the new "longhorn" axle make a very solid combination at any weight/model you choose.